November 27, 2022

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Combined and third-dose vaccines: Opposition seeks answers from Minister Christian Dubey

Combined and third-dose vaccines: Opposition seeks answers from Minister Christian Dubey

Opposition groups called on the Coquista government to clarify the situation with mixed vaccines in Quebec. The Liberal Party is waiting for Minister Dubey for details on the third dose for some trips and for the increased pressure to identify the mixed method as soon as possible.

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“The questions that have been asked in recent days about the validity of the mixed vaccine and the possibility of taking a third dose for travel are very confusing,” lamented Mary Montpit, a spokeswoman for health.

The MP responded to reports from Journal Reporting, this weekend, some travelers had difficulty locating their vaccines when they received two doses from different companies.

Pressure on the minister

“Christian Dubey must come out of his silence,” Mary Montpit stressed, as he asks answers to the many questions that always surround the vaccine mix.

Liberal MP Mary Montpit

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Liberal MP Mary Montpit

“He needs to lobby the federal government to allow all states to identify mixed vaccines.” Ontario did for its citizens. What is he waiting for? ”Maurice asked the deputy for Richard.

She said the rules for giving another dose also need to be clarified. On Friday, without further details, the ministry indicated that the overdose could be “given to any person not identified in the vaccinating country.”

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«[Le ministre] The rules for third dose eligibility should be clarified. The success of the final stages of the vaccine campaign and the short-, medium- and long-term confidence in our vaccination programs depend on it, ”Mr. stressed.To me Montpit, by press release.

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Ministry response

Public Health responded at the end of the day on Monday, recalling the uniqueness of this extra dose not intended for everyone.

«[Il s’agit] Outside the country, it is an extraordinary measure for people who need short-term planning and vaccination needs, ”we read in a press release from the Ministry of Health, at which point Dr. Horacio Arruda mentions previous press conferences. However, an order was to be sent to the CIUSSS and CISSS in the province on Saturday.

The ministry explains that talks are ongoing with the federal government to vaccinate internationally recognized.

“Currently, there is still no international consensus on the criteria for recognizing a person as ‘adequately vaccinated’. […]”, Refers to MSSS, stating that new suggestions may” come “.

Of the more than 10 million injections administered in the province, 3,875 took advantage of the overdose, according to government figures.


These developments will come after publication Newspaper A man from Quebec had to cancel a trip to the Caribbean because his cruise line did not consider him “fully vaccinated”. Jerome Goudralt received the first dose of Pfizer and the second dose of Moderna, a process not recognized by the United States.

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In response to the failure to identify a mixed vaccine, the Quebec government announced on Friday the possibility of receiving an overdose of one of the two vaccines initially received. But this possibility already raises some questions from a scientific perspective.

“What is it going to do, third dose?” Do we have data and do we have clinical trials to support it? I have a little trouble with that. We’re playing with vaccines, it’s just nothing, ”Jacques Lapierre, a retired virologist, told TVA.

On the other hand, many came forward against centers that were not ordered to give an overdose over the weekend. “It’s annoying! “Every time public health changes since the crisis began, it will take forever to get to Earth,” said Melanie Gilbert, who is preparing for a trip to Mexico.

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