May 20, 2022

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Gems for the first time for Amazon Prime Gaming subscribers

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After announcing two free battlefield games, Amazon and its service Prime Gaming Gives rewards to playing subscribers Genshin effect. If you have a Prime account, you can now get various gifts like first gems or experience books.

Monthly gifts

From tonight and for many months, it will be possible to receive many gifts Genshin effect. It is distributed Special redemption codes To register your account. You know those popular promotion codes to enter in the section with the same name in your Settings account tab.

Each code allows you to get multiple rewards and Amazon seems to have spoiled us, because the site shows a total of 8 rewards to unlock until December, there are two batches in September and November. Not all rewards are known but we know they already exist July :

  • 60 Primo-gems
  • 8 lessons from Hero
  • 5 mushroom pizzas

In August, you will be eligible for 1 x brittle resin. 8 x Mystic Growth Ore and 20,000 x Mora.

How do I claim my Prime Gaming Rewards?

To claim these rewards, you need to have a Prime account on Amazon. If you do not, you can subscribe or try the 30 days free offer. Then just go Page Amazon Prime Gaming And claim the prize. Once this is done, you will have the code to redeem in the appropriate section, so in your settings. You will receive gifts by mail.

If you have recently (back) launched the miHoYo game, we invite you to consult our Genshine Impact Guides or find our complete Inazuma walk that lists many tips.

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