May 27, 2022

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Relief in health measures: Happy bar owners and frustrated religious leaders

Relief in health measures: Happy bar owners and frustrated religious leaders

Quebec’s sanitary relaxation can bring relief to bar owners by allowing them to drink alcohol shortly thereafter, but can also frustrate religious leaders who believe there are double standards in their treatment.

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Listen to an interview with Nathalie Roy, Member of Parliament for Monterville, Minister of Culture and Information on QUB Radio:

“It’s really capital”

Being able to drink alcohol until 1am is great news for Pierre Bork. One of its two bars, Nacho Libre, appeared “confused” at midnight by a group of its employees, Sebastian Pauline And Gabriel Bork, Had to handle huge orders from customers full of alcohol for two hours while closing the terrace. “It makes it easier,” Bork said. For his other bar, Tavern Cobra, it is “really capital” relaxation, as most customers arrive shortly before midnight. “Customers see all the bars in town coming in very favorably for this extra hour.”

Another hour during Montreal Pride

Photo agency QMI, Catherine Genest

The bars of Gay Village, which expects a huge influx during Montreal Pride week, have something to eat with a government announcement. “I am just happy with the action they are taking to help us. We can not ask for everything,” he said Danny Jabin, The date club owner, is still expected to turn down hundreds of people during the festivities.

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“People are not ready to go back”

At Bar Suzanne, at Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, owner Oliver Farley Since it is a restaurant a good portion of its clients leave early. But he believes the game will change over the relaxation weekend. “I’m very happy. By midnight on Friday evening, people are not ready to go home. He hopes to take advantage of the enthusiasm he has had in his establishment since the beginning of summer.” There are no tourists in town, but I’m surprised to see the crowd. ”

“Poor relatives of relaxation”

Moderator of the Table Interreligues de Cuertation du Quebec, Mr.grPierre Murray, Do not mince words to express his frustration about this relaxation that allows 500 people outside for places of worship. “It simply came to our notice then. For a time, places of worship were poor relatives of flexibility. Some places can accommodate up to 7,500 people indoors. This is still the same double standard. Perspective shared by Imam Hassan Gillette. “It makes us a little hungry from the point of view of respect and recognition of the positive role places of worship can play in society,” he laments.