May 28, 2022

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Jealousy and control police harassed two ex-wives

Jealousy and control police harassed two ex-wives

Describing himself as a man of control and envy, the Trois-Riviers police officer pleaded guilty to harassing ex-spouses and accessing police databases twenty times to gather information on them.

“He doesn’t like her wearing perfume, make-up and necklines. She has faced criticism from the accused in this regard. During the excursions, the accused becomes jealous and blames [son ex-conjointe] When she smiles a lot, when she is physically very close to other men, when she is very happy, ”it wrote in an accepted summary of the facts that David Ross agreed on.

The trial of the man, who has been in Trois-Riviers police service since 2002, is set to begin in a Montreal court this week, but his lawyer, Mr Mr, said he had decided to “settle his cases”.E Denise Gallant.

A 44-year-old police officer has been charged with criminal assault on two ex-spouses and fraudulently using a computer during his duties, by investigating these two women and a third at the Quebec Police Intelligence Center (CRPQ).

“Party over”

Ross did this to his first girlfriend in the early 2000s, only to repeat the same disturbing behavior with his second wife a decade later.

He did not hesitate to shake hands with the victims when he was unhappy, we learned during the trial on Monday.

“On this occasion, the accused was seen knocking on walls, knocking on doors, slapping hands and pulling hair,” he said.

One evening, he “pops up” at his ex’s Christmas party and tries to force her to leave. “The party is over,” he said, taking her by the hand to follow her.

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However female colleagues intervened. She decided to break up with him, but Ross could not accept it, clinging to her and saying “Hold her with one leg.” She had to make up her mind to move.

According to a summary given by Judge Andre Perrault: [la dame] Receive several phone calls from the accused. He asks her why she is not at home. [Elle] Never gave his new address ”.

Even in service

On one occasion a police officer also appeared at the residence of his ex-partner. And he does not hesitate to cross the place with his autopatrol when he is on duty.

In the case of another victim, Ross removed Facebook friends from his dating. “The accused did not want to befriend her. He was jealous. […] When he finds out that the skirts are too short or that she is too chic, he asks her to change them. ”

One evening, a dispute broke out and the woman “blew” on the bed. The relationship ended, but Ross “insisted” that his ex reconnect with him.

Twenty times between 2013 and 2018, a police officer used a CRPQ for his “own benefit” to obtain information on three ex-spouses.

City and Trois-Rivieres police were reluctant to comment on the case Monday, as his criminal record led to his dismissal.

The David Ross Punishment Show will take place on the 1stIs December.