May 21, 2022

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Kovid-19: Vaccine in nasal spray form soon?

Kovid-19: Vaccine in nasal spray form soon?

Studies – Seven vaccines against Kovid-19 in the form of a naval spray, so no injection is required, are currently in clinical trials worldwide. According to the Journal of Science, their first results are promising.

The Kovid-19 vaccines currently in use worldwide, whether messenger RNA or not, American, Chinese or Russian, all require intramuscular injection. In other words: a sting in hand. Can this sting, which is feared by those who are afraid of needles, be replaced by another method in the future? Of the 100 anti-covid vaccines currently in clinical trials, seven, in the first phase, are clinically administered through the nasal passage, according to an article published in the Journal a few days ago. Science, Marked daily Latest news from Alsace.

No more syringes: These vaccines, developed in the United States, India, United Kingdom or Cuba, are given in spray form. A method that offers many interests Article of Science.

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Kovid-19: Vaccine challenge

The nose is one of the main entry points for the virus to enter the body, so a nasal spray can help fight the virus as quickly as possible. The first results obtained show a strong immune response at the site of the spray, thanks to the presence of antibodies directly in the nose. As reported Latest news from Alsace, These antibodies not only speed up healing, attack the virus as soon as it enters the body and thereby reduce viral replication, but in some cases even prevent infection.

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A way to “boost” intramuscular vaccines?

However, intranasal vaccines, according to the first tests, have a defect in providing immunity against Kovid-19, which is less than that induced by the “classic” or intramuscular vaccine. “Intranasal vaccines are needed to balance the target of local immunity in the airway and the longevity of systemic immunity.“, Write the authors of an article published in Science. Therefore suggests mixing intramuscular vaccine and intranasal vaccine for maximum efficacy, the latter may also serve”Booster“The first one.

In early June, this was the magazine’s article Nature Who has already mentioned Promotes results found in mice, In which the administration of nasal spray reduces the presence of the virus after just two days as a result.

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In France, the University of Tours-Inre has been working on nasal spray since last summer. The ease of injection makes it possible to vaccinate in large numbers in the context of marketing.

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