June 27, 2022

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Quebec weightlifter Maud Charon covered himself with gold

Quebec weightlifter Maud Charon covered himself with gold

Quebecist Maud Charon appeared in his class on Tuesday in the under-64kg weightlifting competition at the Tokyo Olympics, easily winning the gold medal.

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The 28-year-old athlete from Rimowski made the most of the bar in his first attempts, the last of the 10 weightlifting competitors, Snatch and Clean and Jerk. Some opponents made their three attempts before Charon could try anything.

This strategy allowed him to have a better overview of the speed of the competition. In the 102kg snatch from the start, Charon knew that his second goal, at 105kg, would be enough to overcome the top 3 before trying his luck.

She repeated the same trick on clean and jerk, her first attempt failing at 128kg. However, she was able to lift those weight moments before hitting a big blow with 131kg in the final. Colombian Mercedes Isabel Palacios Dajomes (131 kg) and Britain’s Sarah Davis (133 kg) fit her total of 236 kg for gold.

In the end, Charon defeated Italian Georgia Bordignon (232 kg) and Taiwanese Wen-Hui Chen (230 kg). This is Canada’s second gold medal and eighth overall.

The Prime Minister was delighted

Like Judoka Catherine Bouchemin-Pinard, who previously won bronze in the under 63kg category, Charon received congratulations from Quebec Premier Franois Legalt.

“What a great awakening call!” The politician wrote through his Twitter account. Gold medal for Rimowski weightlifter [Maude Charron] And the historic bronze medal for Montreal [Catherine Beauchemin-Pinard] In judo. Frankly, well done. Quebec is all proud of you! ”

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In the B final, Quebec Tali Darsigni finished first and ninth overall in the under 59 kg category. She lifted 90 kg in the snatch and 109 kg in the clean and jerk for a total of 199 kg.

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