July 5, 2022

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Sam: An emotional film

Sam: An emotional film

Five years ago, Ann demonstrated her talent as a director in England, a very good debut film, hard-hitting 1:54. Here he is back today Sam, An equally emotional thriller, albeit a somewhat distant plot.

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In the same vein 1:54, The new film follows the journey of young top swimmer Sam (Antoine Oliver Pilan) preparing for his first Olympic Games under the supervision of his sister and coach Judith (Mylene Mackay). Although not as physically charged as other swimmers of his caliber, Sam continues to be grateful for his determination and work ethic.

As the road to the Olympics finally opens before him, a dramatic event turns Sam’s life upside down. In addition to shattering his dream of competing in games, Sam finds that the show has consequences. On lives. Among many others, including a teenage girl (Milia Carbel-Gowre) and a CEGEP professor (Stefan Rousseau).

Great shows

In his interview with us last week, Ann emphasized his great desire as an England screenwriter and director to bring emotions into the audience. Without the slightest doubt, Sam Designed to move and attract as wide an audience as possible.

Dynamic production, tight editing idle time, twisting scene … Ann England and his co-writer Andre Gullu worked so hard that the viewer could not get bored for a single second, pulling the strings at the end of the story so big, let alone suffering, with some improbability. It works because the emotion is at Rendezvous.

As wonderful as ever, Antoine Oliver Pylon breathes extra spirit into the film by bringing great depth to this lovely character despite his flaws. Also noteworthy is the intensive training he did to prepare himself physically and mentally for the role. Stefan Rousseau (in a rare dramatic role) and Milia Carbel-Gouvre also give good performances. Finally, even if it seems rushed and many questions are not answered, the outcome of the film will touch its target with a mixture of its light and hope.

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Film Unfilm de An England

Ant with Antoine Oliver Pilan, Mylene Mackay, Stefan Rousseau and Milia Carbel-Gautier.

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