May 19, 2022

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Vaccine Separation: Pearson Airport dropped back

Vaccine Separation: Pearson Airport dropped back

Toronto Pearson International Airport has decided to overturn the policy of segregating passengers arriving in Canada based on their vaccine status.

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Put into effect on Saturday, the action that separates fully vaccinated travelers and those who have not or have not received a single dose of the COVID-19 vaccine into two separate lines.

The airport explained the decision by arguing that the rules for entering the country for passengers with or without vaccinations are different. Both lines should allow the arrival to be processed more quickly.

However, the airport said in a statement sent to various media outlets on Tuesday that the move was withdrawn on Monday.

“Pearson Airport, in collaboration with the government and other partners, has decided that segregation of vaccinated and partially or unwanted passengers at customs is useless,” the agency said.

The airport therefore said that passenger cases would be analyzed while passing through customs.

Keep in mind that Canada is still restricted from entering the country. Full American tourists will be able to return home on August 9, while international tourists will be able to do the same from September 7, if epidemiological conditions are favorable.

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