June 5, 2023

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Weightlifter Maud Charon has been crowned Olympic champion

Maude Charron, émotive, après son essai troisième et dernier essai réussi à l'épreuve d'épaulé-jeté.

In the snatch, Quebeker failed her first attempt at 102 kg, then at 105 kg for the second time, and 108 kg for her third attempt. The result temporarily gave her a lead in the standings, with a one-kilogram slim lead over Italian Georgia Bordignon.

Finally to clean up and flip, Charon initially lost his first attempt at 128kg, and seemed dizzy even after the attempt.

As Colombian Mercedes Isabel Perez Tigrero and Chinese Taipei Chen Wen-Hui passed their tests at 126 and 127 kg, pressure fell on Charon’s shoulders. But she did not care. She weighed 128 kg in her second attempt and 131 kg in the third.

Maud Charon

Photo: Getty Images / Chris Grethen

After Cheron and Perez Tigrero each failed in their last attempt to defeat Charon, Britain’s Sarah Davis could only steal gold in mathematics from Rimoskois. She made a strategic choice to win a silver medal with a weight of 133 kg, which confirmed Charon’s sanctity.

Bordignan and Chen reached the podium together with Kబెbecker, total loads 232 and 230 kg.

Charon is the second woman weightlifter in the country to win Olympic gold after Christine Girard at the 2012 London Games.

Maud Charon won Olympic gold at the 2017 World Weightlifting Championships in Anaheim. Recently, she set three records at the Pan American Championships, showing her good form during the three months of the Summer Games.