December 6, 2023

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A marsh threatened with the popularity of kayaking in Magog

A marsh threatened with the popularity of kayaking in Magog

The kayaking and paddle boarding craze is such that boogers are beginning to see a negative impact on some waterways, including the River Overseas Marsh in Magog.

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The Association du Maris-de-la-Riviere-Ox-Series (Lamrock) said it was causing a lot of concern due to heavy traffic. Last year, 40,000 more visitors walked on the marsh than in previous years, and the phenomenon is similar on the water.

“Lamrock is very concerned about the heavy load on Riviere Overseas this summer, which is in full swing.

“The problem is that people are flocking to the alley where you can navigate and go through the vegetation. It tears the plants and it emphasizes the fauna,” said Laura Denomi Patriganni, director general of the organization.

At present, LAMRAC does not plan to limit access to wetlands and instead relies on awareness.

“In the short term, boys will be installed to guide the people. Information panels are also visible from the embarkation points and we have a pilot project to have water awareness patrolling ”, explained MTo me Named Petriganny.

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