May 21, 2022

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Cycling | “Extraordinary” Hugo Howell

Cycling |  "Extraordinary" Hugo Howell

Cyclist Hugo surpassed himself to take Howell 13E Rank of time trial of Tokyo Olympics. Her compatriot Carol-on completed Convole 14E For his Olympic swan song.

Simon Droin

Simon Droin

By contacting the Starters list for the (Tokyo) Time Trial, Hugo Howell felt that his place in the top 20 was “great”. Top-15? “Extraordinary”.

Saint-Perpetual cyclist surpassed himself to reach 13E Wednesday Stopwatch Rank for the Tokyo Olympics.

“I’m so happy,” Howell said excitedly on the phone. I don’t think I could have done better today. I managed my attempt very well. Be 13E, It’s so much better than I have had. ”

Recorded in the first of three waves, the 30-year-old Quebec leader also earned the honor of sitting longer in the seat. To his own surprise, in the second wave, as far as Remco Avenpole, a competitor overtook him. The Belgian young Prodigy, finally ninth, crossed him by 35 seconds in the 44.2km race, i.e. twice in the same loop.

Howl covered an average of 45.7 km / h in 57 minutes 56 seconds on this hilly course of five kilometers.

“When I look at the names around me, there is nothing to be ashamed of. I am 30 seconds from Remco Avenpoil. Gerant Thomas was 10 seconds ahead of me and he took me to Rio for two minutes. For me, it was a very good show. ”

Another indication is that a native of Saint-Perpetu beat all his teammates in his professional Astana-Premier Tech training, in which Russian Olympic Committee athlete Alexander Vlasov (20)E) Et le Kazakh Alexei Lutsenko (32E), He finished seventh in the Tour de France two weeks ago. At the stand, he was able to draw the pipe for South Africa’s Stephen de Bode (14)E), He was half a second ahead.

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Twenty-first in Rio, 25E At his first Worlds 2015 gold medalist at the Pan American Games in Toronto the same year, Howell topped his list of Tokyo performances in a solo effort.

“At the Olympics, they were tough people. I knew I was not the best in the world. 13E Good show today. ”

Primoz Roglik made fun of all his opponents after being disappointed in the Tour de France. The Slovenian won the gold for more than a minute over his close-backed Dutch comeback Tom Domoulin. Rohan Dennis of Australia won the bronze by defeating Stephen Kong of Switzerland by four tenths.

Howell returns to Monaco before returning to Canada to reconnect with his family and loved ones who have not been seen for nearly 20 months. “It’s one of those daily sacrifices we talk about to stay on this level.”

His next goals were: the Tour du Benelex (formerly Binkbank) and the Canadian Road Championship, which were exceptionally well attended in Saint-Georges-de-Beuse in September.

On the women’s side, Carol-on Conuel scored 14E With time on the 22.1km course, she finished 2.54 minutes ahead of gold medalist Annemik van Vluten and avenged herself after the road race scramble (she thought she had won, but had to settle for the money).

Photo by Christian Hartmann, Reuters

In the women’s time trial, Carol-on scored Conuel 14E The time on the 22.1km course was 2:54 minutes behind Dutch gold medalist Annemic van Vluten.

After his passing, the leader, Connell, was fired by his compatriot Leah Kirchman (12).E). Amos native half fig, half grape. Seven seconds was good and she slipped into the top 10.

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“The level is really high,” she notes. Everyone is in good condition. I’m happy. Top-15 is still something. There is an element of frustration. Hope you always do good. If you don’t win, that’s how cycling is. ”

Until answering questions from journalists, the 33-year-old Conuel realized that his Olympic swan song represented the race. She will retire from work at the end of the season.

“It was a very tough decision because basically I like cycling. Normally, I could do another three year cycle, but it’s not what I want. I’m at a stage in my life where I want to do something else. ”

Now she must figure out what. It was the “duty” she was given when she returned to Gatino’s home in the coming weeks.