May 22, 2022

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Biased nomination: According to the PLQ, the twist of the arm

Biased nomination: According to the PLQ, the twist of the arm

Liberal MP Christine Saint-Pierre has accused the Legal government of “distorting the arm” of the board of directors of Bibliothec et archives natives du Quebec (BAnQ) to facilitate the appointment of Mary Gregor.

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Prior to posting this post our Bureau of Investigation revealed that the Senior Jobs Secretariat, which reports to the Prime Minister, has lowered the level of education required to assume BAnQ responsibilities.

Above all, it allowed the former ADQ MP candidacy to be incorporated into the process.

Bertier holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from June 2002 to April 2003, although BAnQ’s board of directors has previously established that the next or next CEO must have a master’s degree.

Political choice

“It simply came to our notice then [de la Culture] And there is no need to select a board of directors, ”said Christine Saint-Pierre, a liberal culture critic.

Although she recognized “the qualities of a great interlocutor” and M’s “great experience in marketing”To me Gregory, mTo me St. Pierre found that government interference in the selection process was “really disturbing.”

“Normally it should be left to the discretion of the board. […] According to the information I have, there is no consensus on the board of directors, ”she recalled.

“I’m sorry for those who applied in good faith, I believe the process was flawless,” the Acadia member lamented.

Broken promise

Recall that in the elected Liberal opposition, Franకోois Legalt promised to stop partisan appointments.

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“The prime minister is not doing what he says he will do,” she said. If you want to talk about biased appointments, I do not deny that there may be some [sous la gouverne des libéraux], But I thought. There, all we do is twist the hand of the board of directors, we lower the standards […] To bring in a government-selected candidate. ”