May 30, 2023

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Comedyha! Fest-Quebec: Mike Ward, funny sprinkler

Comedyha!  Fest-Quebec: Mike Ward, funny sprinkler

Sprinkler demon watered. Mike Ward was obscene, mean and hilariously deceived during his well-done time when he started comedy! Fest-Quebec 2021, Wednesday evening, at Thetre Capital.

From his bizarre to his legal troubles, his overweight, vegan diet and his alcoholism, the theme exploited by many of his friend-guests, nothing escaped during this workout that took place in merry merriment.

Prohibitions are all kept in boxes. Reporting in a family magazine this evening was an issue.

Martin Matte his humor

Photo by Stevens LeBlanc

Martin Matte compares his humor to his “victim”.

During the rebroadcasting of comedy galas on TV, it is necessary to include several beeps in our article to shamelessly hide the verbs related to the sexual activity mentioned many times.

No one would be surprised to know that his court fight against Jerome Gabriel is a recurring theme. From the beginning, host Patrick Groolks admitted that he found it difficult to justify his friend’s nasty jokes.

Mike Ward seemed to enjoy his evening ...

Photo by Stevens LeBlanc

Mike Ward seemed to enjoy his evening …

“I went to tell an aunt, that young man is not disabled.”

The tone is set. Laurent Paquin showed him the comic, “Safia Nolin does not need to have thigh injuries to prove he’s bitten.”

In great shape, Christine Moranci could not believe she was married on Valentine’s Day. “I judge you less than f …. (here is the context of the verb we cannot reproduce) A bunny at Easter.” “

Stephen Fall, Denise Drolet, Kathy Gautier, Preach, Daniel Grenier and Jean-Thomas Jabin also paid for the draft, very happy Baked The audience is happy to laugh at the nasty jokes that are his favorite target.

As a good expert on corrosive comedy, Mike Ward was able to get revenge at the end. After the passing of Martin Matte, in fact, comparing their successes in the field of comedy is like comparing “champagne and piss”.

Photo by Stevens LeBlanc

Mike Ward replied that Matte had “already lost the trophy for his performance of the year against Michael Mambambara”.

The dog? Sure, but it’s clearly a successful kickoff for comedy! Fest.

Photo by Stevens LeBlanc

It remains to be seen what will be kept during editing when this good work is demonstrated on TVA’s VRAI platform.

The Grand Bain-Cutes series continues Thursday evening with a double program. Liz Dion will first play the game at 6.30pm in a session moderated by Jose Goudet. At 9:30 pm, well-cooked PA Mathot hosted by Dominic Pocket experiencing the reproaches of his peers.