May 27, 2023

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Gatino owes his former CEO up to $ 80,780,000

Gatino owes his former CEO up to $ 80,780,000

The City of Gatino will have to pay up to $ 80,780,000 to its former director general after a series of violent clashes in a public square that lasted more than three months.

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Mary-Helen Lazoi will receive a minimum of 5 315,917 severance pay, meaning that her salary and car allowance will be paid until July 5, 2022, according to documents obtained by the QMI agency on Thursday.

A total of 20 464,412 other sums may be added by December 31, 2024, depending on future events related to the former CEO’s professional conditions.

These sums represent the social benefits to which Mrs. Lazoi is entitled, as well as her salary for the period 2022-2023 calculated on the top of the 2% annual index intended for management employees in Gatino.

Official notice

Mary-Helen Lazoi resigned on July 6 after the City Council approved a friendly agreement.

A few months ago, on March 29, she filed a complaint with the Administrative Labor Tribunal as a victim of an “structured and abusive dismissal” attempt. She suddenly put Mayor Maxim Pednad-Jabin on notice.

The controversy began when officials elected from Action Gatino, the chief magistrates’ party, wanted to break Ms Lazoy’s agreement, but the majority opinion in the municipal council was that it was up to the next elected – who would form the municipal council after the November election – to decide its fate.

Ms. Lajoi has been the General Manager of the City of Gatino since November 2013. Her contract was renewed in 2018 for a period of six years, i.e. until December 31, 2024.

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