May 25, 2022

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Camille Katin | Answering Matt Damon in Marseille

Camille Katin |  Answering Matt Damon in Marseille

Camille Catin starred in the formidable Andrea Call my agent. Will change more and more in English, especially in the series Eve Killing And Ridley Scott’s next film, House of Gucci, Star of Stillwater Along with Matt Damon. The film, directed by Tom McCarthy, will take over the poster this Friday after being screened in Cannes. Interview with a woman who reflects the character of Virginia.

Emily Cote

Emily Cote

Weeks go by and Camille is not the same as Katin. Three weeks ago, she walked the red carpet twice at the Cannes Film Festival, rather than for films. Stillwater And My troop. When we picked her up on the phone last week, she was in England. “I was under quarantine, so suddenly the difference was huge,” she said.

How contradictory! The day Camille Catin told us to shoot the fourth season of the series Eve Killing, Which is the lifting of many health restrictions in England.

The actress, who is best known for her role as Andrea in the successful series, went to Cannes not without consequences Call my agent. In October 2020, she captured COVID-19 during the Canaries Festival, dedicated to television series around the world.

Photo by Valerie Hatch, France-Press Agency

Matt Damon and Camille Catin were on the red carpet before the film premiered Stillwater At the Cannes Film Festival on July 8

“In addition, I said in all the interviews that despite the virus we could survive and three days later, I was in bed! », Camille Catin clearly said with self-mockery of sympathy.

This time, it was without any virus, but with a lot of emotion Camille Katin left Keynes. Image Stillwater, She Matt Damon and Tom McCarthy (Spotlight) Signs of realization, which the audience was finally able to see in the movie theater. In Croatia, in this case, at the Grand Theater Lumiere. The film is far from competitive, but after the official screening we saw Matt Damon struggling to hold back tears during his long adoration.

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The film was postponed for a year. It’s moving with the team to find this picture. At one point, we didn’t know if this movie was going to be released in theaters.

Camille Catin, actress

Stillwater Premieres across North America on July 30th. “It simply came to our notice then. It would break my heart if it only came out on one platform. ”

Culture shock

For the American members of the film crew, it was a return to the south of France. Stillwater The film is mostly shot in the city of Marseille. “It was an hour from Cannes and we went there with the whole team to showcase this film,” said Camille Catin. For all these reasons, it is moving. ”

Especially since Stillwater Arriving in Marseille reveals the culture shock experienced by an American from Oklahoma. Someone with a few words, some called redneck, Wants to see his daughter who is serving a five-year prison sentence for murdering his girlfriend. Bill Baker (Matt Damon) finally tries to get her out of jail. It also stars actress Abigail Breslin (LA) Little Miss Sunshine) Reflects his daughter.

In the case of Camille Catin’s character, Virgie, she helps Bill with her research and problem solving.

Tom McCarthy screenplay – inspired by the experiences of American Amanda Knox in Italy – is not French or American. For authenticity, he called two French screenwriters (Thomas Bidegain and No Debray).

Photo by Jessica Ford, provided by Focus Features

Matt Damon and Camille Katin during filming Stillwater

“Mine is the voice of hope, patience and openness,” she adds. She is total, honest. Strong, but very soft. ”

Virgie guides Bill and sees him too. Bill is paired with Virginia’s daughter Maya.

Through this improbable encounter, the film invites people to understand through their past and to dispel our prejudices. Virginia’s friends can’t help but ask Bill if he voted for Trump and if he has guns. For his part, Bill, with a big heart, tries to learn French. He had never seen a play in his life, but he was interested in Virginia’s acting career.

Characters full of contradictions

In the game, depending on their character, Matt Damon plays with restraint, while Camille Cottin plays a woman with a solar personality. A challenge?

“Tom we first wanted to read a week with all the cast and it was so awesome,” Camille Catin said. It is very rare that we take this time. Then we filmed chronologically and I really liked this work. ”

Photo by Johanna Geron, Reuters

Camille Catin and Matt Damon at the Cannes Film Festival

The actors were tamed just like their characters. “I admired Matt’s vision, his energy … for me, he completely disappeared behind Bill Baker.”

For Quebec film buffs, it would be interesting to see a film where American and French cultures meet, away from the clichs of postcards. As in the movie, it is rare for Bill Baker to communicate with French youth of Arab descent or to attend an OM football match at a velodrome.

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“This film will never judge its characters,” Camille Catin rightly said.

Great characters in English

Camille Catin thanked Call my agent. In France and abroad, because the series is owned by Netflix. The actress is fluent in English as she has spent most of her teenage years in London. In 2016 she got a role in this film Allied, Starring Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt and directed by Robert Jemekis.

His career abroad is growing. She is from the movie House of Gucci, Ridley Scott (with Adam Driver and Lady Gaga), and her cast of the BBC series Killing Eve, Created by Phoebe Waller Bridge.

A sign that reality can transcend fiction, Camille Katin has the same American agent as Sigourney Weaver (Billy Lazarus), since starring in the next episodeCall my agent.

The future? “It’s unknown and we will see,” said Camille Catin.

The only thing she can control is the quality and passion of her work, she tells us.

“I came from the theater and I did the movies late. I have always approached my work in a traditional manner and I have the impression that what happens to me is that I am a craftsman. […] Our sole worth of work is definitely worth it. At work, there is an energy that always comes back to us. ”

It certainly is Stillwater, Which takes the poster ‌ this Friday.