July 1, 2022

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Comedy! Fest: Merciless for Laurent Paquin

Comedy!  Fest: Merciless for Laurent Paquin

Should Laurent Paquin pay the boss? Tell a guest at the well-cooked comedian Friday night in the Capitol that they have decided to settle their scores with their grateful friend.

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The last of Comedyha’s four well-cooked grandmas! After Fest, Mike Ward, Lice Dion and PA Methot, guests were left with no mercy on poor Laurent‌, whose patience for cruel jokes was tested almost mercilessly.

Seeing him cry and laugh so many times, stay calm, he passed the test.

Laurent Paquin, which inevitably comes with food and wholesale jokes. It was impossible to miss and host Stefan Russo, anxious to face the elephant in the room, emptied the subject wonderfully in the opening monologue full of puns, how to say … delicious.

Like most rosters a night out, Stefan Rousseau, yelling deliciously at anyone stepping on stage, has things on his mind. For him, it was a trip to New York, where he reluctantly had to shop for Hawaiian shirts and musicals. Total sixteen. “I’m animating this evening to repay my trip.”

Equally bald Sylvain Larrock complains that he keeps copying it, but Rita goes well with the most intense anger palm.

“Laurent Paquin, you’re an ass,” he said bluntly to Rita Baga, blaming him for getting the only role. Drag Queen It is interesting to note that in his twenties he played the role of La Duchess La Longis Tomorrow morning, Montreal is waiting for me.

Seven young actors named Mathis also came to tell his four truths.

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PA Mathot was shocked about Octane Well High School’s decision to pay tribute to its famous citizen by giving his name to its exhibition hall.

“They did not hesitate between the auditorium and the gym.”

At the end of this first week of Comedyhada, it becomes clear that a well-cooked meal is a nice addition to festive programming.

Although the performances have benefited from tightening (dedicated to Lies Dion‌ no longer want to end), the monologues highlight the complexity among the comedians, and this exercise allows people, up to 250 people per show, to use new material due to the epidemic.

For others, the well-cooked will be displayed later this fall on the VRAI platform.