April 1, 2023

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Cubeseckers are happy about the end of sanctions in New Brunswick

Cubeseckers are happy about the end of sanctions in New Brunswick

On March 25, 2020, New Brunswick Province set up its first border checkpoints. Since then, relaxations have been announced a few times, but this time it’s full lifting. The news is good news for Quebecs, who can now visit the neighboring province without restriction.

“It takes away our freedom. We are part of the same community on both sides of the bridge.”

“Never mind, the time is approaching, I’ll be on the other side and I’m always going to do my thing from that side. It suits my business.”

“I’m so happy, I can jump as much as I want.”

“It makes life easier for a lot of people. We can go to the other side to do our shopping and get back to a little more normal life.”

“If we need anything, we have to come to Carleton or go to Am‌qui or Casapscal. It represents a lot of costs.

Switching to the green phase will also relieve the financial players in the province. Christine Dugway, president of the Cop-Pele / Bubasin-East Chamber of Commerce, is delighted to welcome the Cubes back to New Brunswick.

“Actually, this is very important for our economy and tourism here. The Quebecars are always supportive of us. They come here on the beach. They like the French who speak here. So we are very happy to see the cubes coming,” Ms Dugwe said.

In Gaspai, the bi-des-challers chamber of commerce believes that Q-beezers will remain loyal to local businesses even if the border is opened.

“From an economic point of view, yes there will be an impact in the end. But if the impact is greater, I do not think so!”

For his part, the Bonaventure member believes that opening the border is a good thing for families and workers. However, he wonders about the legitimacy of the checkpoints set up by the Blaine Higgs government.

“I am not against health measures, wearing masks and distance. But nothing statistically justifies such a serious border closure,” explained Bonaventure MP Sylvain Roy.

According to him, this measure is an attack on the Akkadian and Quebec francophony.

“We are the same socio-economic-cultural basin. People are married to each other, they do business with each other, they have the same culture, the same misery, the same way of thinking. We are the same and we are prevented from meeting and seeing each other. I hope not to see! Mr. Roy said.

During the fourth wave of Kovid-19, Sylvain Roy suggested that the Legal government should negotiate with New Brunswick to prevent such incidents from happening again.

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