March 21, 2023

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Subsequent high-end gaming GPUs are expected to exceed 400W

Subsequent high-end gaming GPUs are expected to exceed 400W

Nvidia’s monster RTX 3090 to 350W, high – end gaming graphics card TGPs demand solid power supply while AMD’s Radeon RX 6900 XT require 300W of power, while later generations can consume even more power.

According to rumors circulating through various leaks, the GPU Nvidia AD102 With structure Loveless After the RTX 30 the next generation of gaming graphics cards will ask who needs a leader Between 400 and 500W.

At AMD, we are not left out of the GPU Navi31 According to initial estimates, we have started listening with RDNA 3 Architecture‌ and it will be launched next year Between 420 and 450W Considering its MCM dual die configuration and footprint that can still reach 800 mm2.

These are data and final values ​​obtained from incomplete initial information on configuration and estimates may be slightly lower but it still looks like it is heading towards the 400W boundaries.

The Navi 31 GPU, certified by AMD for 2022, is expected to arrive in the third quarter of next year. For Nvidia and its AD102, this is still a mystery.

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