March 21, 2023

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Under pressure, Biden imposed sanctions on Cuba and threatened to go further

Under pressure, Biden imposed sanctions on Cuba and threatened to go further

When asked about additional sanctions, the US president replied at a White House meeting with representatives of American descent from Cuba:

If there is no radical change in Cuba, there will be more, I did not expect.

A quote from:Joe Biden, President of the United States

The United States on Friday sanctioned two senior Cuban police officers and the All Revolutionary National Police (PNR) to quell recent protests against the Cuban government, the Treasury Department said.

Alleged PNR Director Oscar Colleges Walkers and Deputy Director Eddie Sierra Arias Serious human rights violations, Blacklisted in the United States. Their potential assets in the United States are frozen and they are no longer barred from accessing the American economy.

The Treasury continues to grant and identify those who facilitate serious human rights violations under Cuban rule, Identified Andrea Gackie, director of the main treasury unit responsible for the sanctions.

The actions taken today are intended to hold those responsible for calling for the freedom and human rights of the Cuban people to be respected., She added.

We are hungry

On July 11 and 12, thousands of Cubans protested We are hungry Where Down with dictatorship.

At the end of these events, The most important since the revolution that brought Fidel Castro to power in 1959, with the arrest of nearly 100 people, according to various opposition organizations.

Washington immediately strongly condemned the repression and supported the demonstrators, promising to help the Cubans.

But President Joe Biden has come under pressure from Congress and the larger Cuban-American community to take more drastic action.

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So the Treasury announced on July 22 the first economic targets on Cuban Defense Minister Alvaro Lopez Mierra. Black berets, A special section of the Ministry of the Interior was deployed during the demonstrations.

Limited effect

But the impact of these sanctions, along with the most common ones that have already targeted the Caribbean island for decades, is very limited – especially since the entire Interior Ministry is already on the American blacklist.

We are listening to your voices. We hear calls for freedom, The U.S. president once again denied on Friday Communist rule [de Cuba] Who failed.

He recalled that other supportive measures were being studied.

America is specifically thinking about how to guarantee free access to the internet on the island.

Make sure money transfers

Washington also wants money transfers made by the Cuban community abroad to reach their destination, which Americans say has been partially diverted by the Cuban military.

But the Democratic president, willing to rally, is less likely to rally Republicans behind him.

Having been in close contact for a long time with serious criticism of the communist regime, he never stopped reminding Joe Biden that Barack Obama had tried to have a public policy with Havana, the Vice President.

The Democrats on Cuba are weak, spreading the lies of the anti-American propaganda of the communist regime. Biden’s lack of rigidity is a shame, The Republican National Committee commented in a statement Friday.