May 27, 2022

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Deconfinition: Product flavor resumes in stores

Deconfinition: Product flavor resumes in stores

Another relaxation of public health for shoppers: the taste in the store is finally starting to return.

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The decision to bring real relief to traders was made at the Grand March in Quebec on Friday morning. Many of them provided customers with a taste of their products.

“When you have a large inventory, you have to be able to introduce our products to customers, which gives us a taste,” said Laurent Dignalt, manager of Domain Le Cajiot Boutique.

“We can describe the taste, but it’s not like the taste. When the product is good, sales only increase,” said the manager of the Meal des Ruissax at the Grand March in Quebec.

Binding conditions

However, a number of conditions must be met. The mask can be removed when food is in the mouth, but should be put back on immediately.

Food should not be kept open because stores cannot prepare components.

Quebec’s Food Retailers Association does not recommend that its members resume tasting due to excessive restriction rules.

“Currently operating is very burdensome. In a context where we always ask people to have a mask and respect certain actions when handling food, so we have not yet reached the opportunity to bring this experience back to the store,” said Pierre-Alexander Blaine, president and CEO of Quebec’s Food Retailers Association.

According to the association, giving back flavor in large chains should be done in the fall, then the rules will be less under control.

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