May 20, 2022

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Gaming Connecting Day combines e-sport

Gaming Connecting Day

On the occasion of the first Gaming Connecting Day, 109 Network seeks to better understand and connect business exchanges, conferences and each other with the gaming and e-sports sector through the gaming and e-sports sector.

Co-founders of 109 Network, Aurélien Flacassier and Julien Couchet recently decided to hold a day to bring together key players in e-sport and video games with companies interested in investing in these areas.

This event will take place Wednesday, June 30 We are in Paris, 109 aims to connect well-known brands to influential players in e-sport and video games through meetings with select decision makers through the network.

109 Network

Many prestigious guests will attend this Gaming Connecting Day.

Among the actors invited to the event, we also found game publishers such as EA SPORTS and riot games, as well as well-known sports organizations such as Team Vitality, Gamers Origin and MCES. Important names in France that animate and build this ecosystem.

On the other hand, there are more than 40 marketing divisions or CEOs, including Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, Parian’s Sport, FNAC, Yves-Saint-Laurent and many more.

Julian Couchet concluded that the event was a give and take. For brands, the goal is to bring the entire ecosystem together to better discover, illuminate, activate, disseminate, promote and measure their (future) communication activities in this universe. For providers, this is a unique opportunity to inform themselves.Announced The organizer of this Gaming Connecting Day is Julian Couchet.

Through discussions, conferences and meetings, the 109 network seeks to bring a new dynamic to a sector that is sometimes unknown or far away to many investors. However, we have noticed a growing interest in non-native brands in the video game sector in recent years, but most importantly on e-sport. From BMW Team sponsor At G2 Sports, Fenetic or Cloud 9 Louis Vuitton The League of Legends has special skins, this type of event is often professional and a friendly way to bring these brands and structures together and exchange.

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