May 23, 2022

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Maxnomic XBOX 2.0 OFC Seat: The ultimate gaming seat

Sitting is now

Obviously, while performance quality is important, manufacturing quality is crucial. Can be comfortably installed by sitting in a chair for long work or games. And at this point, prolonging the suspense is not useful, Maxnomic treats.

The seat is very welcoming. Comfortable enough to be comfortable, don’t forget to exhibit a certain rigidity over time. And if the tested model offers a flat seat, if very little space, note that the PRO version is decorated with side fins like a bucket seat.

The file is intended to be more rigid. The foam continues to welcome, but the question of sinking in its seat is not here. Support is flexible, reinforced by well-marked sides and an integrated lumbar cushion. The latter is adjustable by the side wheel and allows everyone to find the setting that suits them. Much more effective (and practical) than a removable cushion in my opinion!


Of course, this is not the only setting available. Like many other seats, you can adjust your seat height or your backrest tilt (up to 67). But here, Maxnomic offers so many useful adjustments that we want to find everywhere. Starting with the piston, the cushioning varies depending on your body type.

Capable of supporting up to 150 kg, the seat also offers tilting speed adjustment. In other words, you can define your seat as rocking fast or, conversely, slow rocking. This will allow you to place the desired angle more neatly and quickly as needed to suit your habits or needs.

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My side is almost adjusted to the maximum and the resistance provided does not allow me to lock the sitting position anymore. Without having to “fight” against giving the seat back to its starting position, I can easily rock back and forth in my very long moments.

Pay attention to details

Last point of importance during use: Armrests. Here they are very firm and have a rubber feel. Understand this, it’s not hard plastic, but it’s very thick, you can easily press on it. Adjustable to four angles, they also offer a hollow design and patent for resting fingers. A perfectly thought out design for the hand, however, let’s face it, as it is very rare to put your hands on your shoulder bags.

Quibling history, however I regret not having a rocking adjustment to replace the seat. In fact, when the seat is tilted, the armrests follow the movement and provide a sloping surface for your seat angle. Not ideal for continuing to work or typing on a keyboard!

For the rest, this Xbox seat collects good points through Maxnomic. The star base and wheels have an excellent finish, are sturdy and allow for easy gliding. An additional cushion is provided for purchase and serves as a headrest. Soft to the touch and soft in use, it attaches to the backrest with an elastic band and non-slip surface. Once installed, it stays intact and does not slip during the day.