November 27, 2022

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Emergencies are rampant in Laurentians

Emergencies are rampant in Laurentians

An increase in consultations, a reduction in staff and an influx of tourists have improved the emergency situation in Laurence. The Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSS) des Laurentides urges people with non-essential health problems not to go to the emergency rooms of the mountains of Saint-Eustach, Saint-Jorem and Saint-Agate-des, which can reach up to 150% of their capacity.

Alice Girard-Boss

Alice Girard-Boss

“We are usually experiencing the maximum level of traffic, usually during the winter during the flu season. People have postponed their consultations during the epidemic and they have now decided to come for consultations,” he said. Tap Miriam Saborin, spokesman for the CISSS des Laurentides.

There was also a staff reduction during the summer. “We have a lot of employees on temporary leave and vacation. It’s a setback from the epidemic. We have players who have gone on temporary leave or sick leave,” the spokesman said.

The large number of tourists to the area also increases the need for health and social services. “We have more requests because outsiders come to contact us. Among the people who do mountain biking and cycling in our territory we meet a lot of waterfalls”, Ms.To me Saborin.

The situation varies from one hospital to another, but on Sunday evening it was critical in the emergency rooms of Saint-Jourem and Saint-Agate-des-Montes, with Saint-Eustace reaching 150%, 134% and 150%, respectively. .

“No surprise”

On July 25, the CISSS des Laurentides also called on the public to avoid the Emergencies of Saint-Eustach and Saint-Jorem. “If we limit Saint-Eustacht and Saint-Jorge, people will automatically go to Saint-Agate and Lachute. After seven days, I’m not surprised that we should also avoid Saint-Agathe,” said Steve Boucher, union vice-president at Lawrence Health and Social Services-CSN. Said.

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Other hospitals are still under supervision. “All it takes is some unexpected aberrations manifesting in the emergency room team and the situation changes completely,” M warns.To me Saborin.

CISSS des Laurentides invites non-emergency patients to contact their family physician, their pharmacist, or doctor at the walk-in clinic or dial 811 to contact Info-Sante, where a nurse can advise and guide them accordingly. Service

The President and CEO of CISSS des Laurentides, Rose Monde Laundry, reminded that emergencies are always invited to go to the emergency room and care is taken quickly. “People with serious health issues do not hesitate to come to our emergency room. We do not want them to ever postpone their consultation,” M stated.To me Laundry in a press release.