May 22, 2022

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Homophobic Comments | Rapper Dababi departed from the Lollapooja festival

Homophobic Comments |  Rapper Dababi departed from the Lollapooja festival

(Chicago) Rapper Dababi was removed from the Lollapaloza Festival in Chicago after making homophobic comments last week at a concert in the Miami area.

Dabobi, originally named Jonathan Kirk, is scheduled to conclude the festival in downtown Chicago on Sunday night. Organizers have announced that another rapper Young Thug will be hired to replace him.

“Lollapaluja was founded on the principles of diversity, integrity, respect and love,” they said on Twitter. Because of this, Dababi will not be performing at Grant Park tonight. ”

They did not respond to an interview request.

In recent days, several artists, including Madonna, Questlov and Elton Jones, have refuted the comments made by Dabbi on Sunday during a concert at the Miami Rolling Loud Festival.

Using obscene language, he asked people who were not gay or had AIDS or HIV to turn on their phones. He erroneously stated that these diseases did not kill those who had them in two or three weeks.

Dabbi representatives did not respond to interview requests. Responding to a phone call, a man at the offices of his record company, South Coast Music Group, refused to identify himself before saying “no comment.” ”

The North Carolina rapper had great success with his song Music star In 2020. He is a Grammy Finalist for the Record of the Year.

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