July 5, 2022

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Straight to the point | Jason Kenny The parallel world

Straight to the point |  Jason Kenny The parallel world

Photo by Jeff Mintosh, Canadian Press

Jason Kenny, Alberta Premier

Vincent Brosso-Poliot

Vincent Brosso-Poliot

Alberta Premier Jason Kenny lives in which parallel world? Since August 16, Alberta has ended detention for individuals with COVID-19. You do not have to leave yourself alone for 14 days.

You read that right: Alberton, who has Covid-19, can leave his home and transmit the virus as he sees fit in at least one of the vaccinated provinces … Not only that: screening tests are no longer recommended for asymptomatic patients, with masks no longer mandatory and Alberta tracing it Most of the activities will be stopped. Let’s weigh our words: this is an unwise, irresponsible decision condemned by public health experts across the country. “This is the height of madness. Even the most extreme anti-masks do not tell the population to leave infections,” summed up Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi. Jason Kenny ruled that the pandemic in Alberta was over when he “opened” his province in the summer. We all want the epidemic to end. No one is talking about rebuilding the whole country like the first waves. Governments, however, must act wisely. Do not take their cravings for reality. Albertans deserve much better.

In numbers

31% Jason Kenny Approval Rating. This is the lowest rate in provincial premieres.

Source: Angus Reed Institute, June 2021