December 8, 2022

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The epidemic ends when the population is adequately immunized

The epidemic ends when the population is adequately immunized

Dr Matthew Simon, head of the intensive care unit at the University Institute of Cardiology and Numerology at Quebec, told TVA Novels that the epidemic would end only when enough people were immunized from Kovid-19.

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“The pandemic, the only way to end it, is to immunize a significant number, if not the entire population,” Dr. Simon said in an interview with Frederick Guy on Sunday morning.

There are two ways to provide immunity to cubes against the virus, the intensiveist explained; Vaccination or infection and its effects.

“Choose your appointment time and get a chance with a very limited side effect (one in 250,000 is likely to have a serious side effect) or a variant that is dangerous to you, which gives you immunity, but ends up with a 4% chance of ending up with me in the hospital and in intensive care 1%” says Dr. Simon Said.

A “simple” and “logical” choice, the doctor said.

“I mean, there is no one who can overcome this epidemic without being naturally or programmed and somehow immunized. I would definitely choose a vaccine rather than a disease,” he said.

Avoid psychological consequences

For Dr. Matthew Simon, vaccination to prevent “unnecessary disease” is a very rare problem, especially for patients in intensive care who often come out with psychological consequences.

“Up to one in seven patients who come to intensive care over a week recovering from post-traumatic stress disorder. It is very common if you are recruited as a soldier in battle,” Dr. Simon added.

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Very often the effect is underestimated, he said.

“People stop complaining to their relatives that ‘I have a cowid, I’m survived, I have nightmares and I have dark thoughts because I have no right. I’m dead, others are dead.’ ‘We need to talk about it,” said Dr. Matthew Simon.

A situation of fearing what will happen next.

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