July 5, 2022

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Tokyo 2020: Andre de Grosse wins bronze in the 100m event

Tokyo 2020: Andre de Grosse wins bronze in the 100m event

Tokyo | After a simple semi-final, Andre de Grosse is back in action. He caught up to three-quarters of the race to win a bronze medal at the Olympic Games Premier Event. The Canadian sprinter clocked 100m in 9.89 seconds.

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“I’m happy to be back on the Olympic podium,” De Gross said with a beautiful smile. It was a wonderful feeling. Having overcome injuries for two years and having achieved my personal best not knowing if there will be games a year ago, I can’t complain. “

In fifth place after 75 meters, de Gross made up for some of the delay, but could not catch up with Olympic champion Italian Lamont Marcel Jacobs, who clocked a time of 9.80. American Fred Kerley won silver with a time of 9.84 seconds, a new personal mark. For an unprecedented, sixth game in a row we found an American on the 100m podium.

“I have to improve my start if I ever want to win gold,” said De Gross, who now has four Olympic medals after three in Rio.

Different taste

Will this second Olympic medal in 100m have a different taste in 2016 in Rio? “In 2016, I was a young runner coming into the sport and I had no expectations,” said the first multiple medalist in Canadian 100m history. I was surprised by the medal. This year, my expectations and the expectations of the country are high and I have high hopes of getting on the podium. “

De Gross was not satisfied with his performance in the semi-finals. He finished second in his heat to qualify, but could not perform better than 9.98 seconds.

“I didn’t have a good semi-final, and my performance gave me a bad way [9] After finally a bad start, you are afraid. There was another false start in the final as I was ready. “

Lack of weather

The desert bleachers of the big Olympic stadium have disturbed the Canadian sprinter. “I fueled the cries of the spectators and struggled to motivate myself. I talked to myself and listened to the music. It’s really hard. I can not wait to take part in the World Championships when the world players return to the stadium next year.”

Selection test

Double Olympic 100m In Brazil, he won silver. “It’s my favorite show and I’m confident I’m doing well.”

For the first time since 2004, the Athens Olympics have been crowned the new Olympic champion. Usain Bolt, now retired, won gold in 2008, 2012 and 2016.

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