May 22, 2022

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Conflict at Olimel | Pig farmers ask Boulette to intervene

Conflict at Olimel |  Pig farmers ask Boulette to intervene

(Language) After months of strikes and negotiations at the Olimel Pork Processing Plant in Wally-Junction, Quebec pig farmers want to intervene for labor, employment and social solidarity, Jean Boulette, to resolve a labor dispute.

The company wants the minister to hold talks with both parties to allow the resumption of processing operations and prevent the slaughter of thousands of pigs.

We recognize that the Minister is not required to participate as long as the negotiations are ongoing, but we believe that the Minister Boulette needs to take immediate action to break the negotiations.

“According to his title, he is Quebec’s chief negotiator. As there are no more negotiations, he must intervene and he must reason with the parties.

In a statement released Monday, he said, “Breeders believe the party is to blame for the dismal conditions in which large numbers of large pigs have crashed into buildings.”

David Duvall said he feared his members would harass pigs, much like poultry farmers.

“We tried to move our animals as much as possible. The number of pigs is increasing every week. They have reached the slaughtering stage and will not be slaughtered,” he explained.

As of the end of last week, nearly 130,000 pigs were in the queue. Some of them may have moved to the United States or Alberta, where places for slaughter are available. The situation is equally complicated.

According to Mr. Duval, lack of space creates aggression in animals and affects their well-being. This also applies to long transport journeys that they do not use. He feared that even a few more weeks or a few days of heat in the conflict would be catastrophic in Pigsties.

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“For us, food waste is not part of our language,” he told the Canadian Press. All parts of the pork are eaten and processed. For all of us, it just doesn’t happen because of the strike. “

David Dowell recalled that a pig could provide 600 meals and therefore a single euthanized animal would represent enormous food waste.

Different versions

Quebec pig farmers also said they were “shocked by the attitude of the parties”.

Last Friday, Olimel Management said it had accepted a settlement proposal from the compromise team, but the union said it had not received any salary offer from the management party in recent days instead.

In a statement released over the weekend, Olimel said they were “deeply disappointed and shocked” by the union’s decision to withdraw from the ownership compromise meeting.

However, it did not even mention any offer submitted by the Union Party in the amalgamation of facts published on Friday evening. The union, which is affiliated with CSN, claimed to be “the only person who entered into a wage compromise during the last round of negotiations”.

In the eyes of pig farmers, the situation is “a slap in the face to thousands of pig farmers, who are living in hardship day in and day out for more than three months and doing their part to keep their pigs safe. Environment. Crowded buildings “.

The Olimel plant at Wally-Junction in Chowdhury-Appalachs has been on strike since April 28.