May 25, 2022

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Homophobic comment: Lollapaloza Dababi suspended

Homophobic comment: Lollapaloza Dababi suspended

Rapper Dababi has been banned from the Lollapaloza festival in the United States due to his homophobic comment.

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The rapper is set to shine Sunday on the main stage of the prestigious Chicago Music Festival.

Speaking to the Rolling Loudspeaker Festival in Miami, Florida, Dabby said, “HIV and AIDS” will kill you in two or three weeks, “but people with HIV can live longer and happier.

He was replaced by Thug and G Herbo after an insulting comment affecting the LGBTQ + community, CNN reported.

Many artists have criticized Dabbabi’s comments, such as Elban John, Madonna and Dua Lippa.

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“I was shocked and frightened by Dabobi’s comments,” she wrote. This is something I don’t really recognize as the person I worked with. My fans know where my heart is and I know I am 100% with the LGBTQ community. We must unite to fight the stigma and ignorance surrounding HIV / AIDS, “said singer Dua Lippa, who accompanied him on the remix of the song” Levitating “.

The rapper did not apologize on Instagram, but liked to brag about his talent on stage.

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