May 19, 2022

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Kathy Griffin has revealed that she has lung cancer

Kathy Griffin has revealed that she has lung cancer

(New York) American comedian and comedian Kathy Griffin revealed on Monday that she was suffering from cancer in her left lung, but that partial removal was encouraging in the opinion of her doctors.

“I’m going to have an operation to remove half of my left lung. Yes, I have lung cancer even though I have never smoked!», Unveiled the film star Cable Guy On Twitter.

“The doctors are very optimistic that (cancer) is in stage 1 and confined to my left lung,” the 60-year-old comedian added, adding that she did not need chemotherapy.

Kathy Griffin, who has won two Emmy Awards and hosted the famous New Year’s Eve celebration on CNN for 10 years, sparked controversy in 2017 when she posted pictures on social media featuring a beheading resembling US President Donald Trump.

Despite publishing an apology video, the episode hurt the career of the actress who lost her contract with CNN. She had to cancel several appearances and threatened herself.

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