May 28, 2022

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Obama’s birthday celebrations have been criticized despite respecting sanitation rules

Obama's birthday celebrations have been criticized despite respecting sanitation rules

Washington | Although he planned to celebrate his 60sE The anniversary, in honor of all health mandates in force, comes in the wake of a resurgence of cases due to the Delta variant of former President Barack Obama – mainly from the Republican camp.

According to the guidelines of the Center for Public Prevention and Control of Diseases, the leading health organization in the United States, the Barack Obama Party, born on August 4, must be held on the weekend on Martha’s Vineyard Island. , According to anonymous sources cited by the American Press.

Relevant sources say that all the guests need to be vaccinated and tested negative. The event must take place outside and the “COVID-19 Coordinator”, whose exact role is not specified, will be on site.

In addition, Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts on Monday showed only moderate transmission of the virus, which, according to CDC data, does not trigger activation of new recommendations from health officials, i.e. even wearing the mask for vaccinated people.

Jim Jordan, a loyalist of Republican nominee Donald Trump, was elected, but the situation was mocked on Twitter, with Democrats denouncing “if it was President Trump’s birthday party”, “a dangerous super propagator event” and ending it with such “rally organizers”.

“Are there exceptions to parties attended by rich liberal celebrities?” Asked Republican Party leader Rona McDonnell.

“Will Democrats ask him (Obama) to wear a mask for all his guests?” Another Republican-elected official, Lance Gooden, was added.

“The former president, who advocates following the advice of vaccines and public health experts, will certainly apply them to himself,” White House spokeswoman Jen Saki said Monday. Precautions were taken.

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Current President Joe Biden is not attending.

The administration of Donald Trump has made headlines several times after holding unmasked events at the White House or in government departments or after holding campaign rallies.

A ceremony in honor of Judge Amy Connie Barrett, who was appointed by the Republican president to sit on the Supreme Court, is suspected of causing a dozen people, including Donald Trump.

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