May 24, 2022

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Global Warming | Cook turkey and cypress ground at 50 degrees Celsius

Global Warming |  Cook turkey and cypress ground at 50 degrees Celsius

(Paris) Extreme heat waves in Turkey and Cyprus raised ground-level temperatures by more than 50 degrees Celsius for the second time in a month, the European Space Agency said on Tuesday.

Turkey has been facing the worst wildfires of the decade, with devastating forests and farmland as well as areas inhabiting the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts.

“It is clear that the Earth’s surface temperature in Turkey and Cyprus will again exceed 50 degrees,” the European Space Agency said in a statement.

The agency has published a map of the area where many areas appear in red. The map, published on July 2, collected data from its Sentinel-3 satellite from the European Copernicus program and displayed the same features.

Photo by European Space Agency

The Sentinel-3 satellite of the Copernicus program, a network of environmental observation satellites of the International Space Station.

Weather forecast predicts air temperature. The data collected by the satellite measures the actual level of energy emitted from the earth, so it refers to temperatures on the ground.

Extract from a press release from the European Space Agency

According to NASA’s interpretation of these temperatures, one would feel as if they were touching the earth at a given location.

In recent days, temperatures above 40 degrees (in the air) in many cities in Turkey have led to record-breaking power consumption, leading to blackouts on Monday in major cities such as Ankara and Istanbul.

Photo by Yassin Akkul, France-Press Agency

On August 2, 2021, a forest fire broke out in Mugla, Turkey. Massive wild and brush fires have killed eight people a week as severe heat waves hit Greece, the Balkans and Turkey. This creates the powder keg conditions that Greek authorities attribute to climate change.

Neighboring Greece has been hit by the biggest heat wave since 1987. The phenomenon that explains the multiplication of heat waves in Europe as a result of the planet’s global warming.

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According to scientists, these heat waves are the undoubted marker of global warming and are set to multiply, prolong and intensify these heat waves.