May 18, 2022

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Olimel strike: Wages and hours are still divided

Olimel strike: Wages and hours are still divided

Since the strike began at Olimel in Wally-Junction, two issues, wages and hours, have divided management and union members.

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Among employees, Olimel is believed to do more, especially after the concessions they have made in recent weeks.

“The union has come a long way, because in the beginning we’re talking about a three – year collective agreement, but here we’re talking about a new agreement for the next six years. There are 35 cents in six years separating the parties. Said Ann Gingros, president of the Central Council of Quebec-Chaudhry-Appalachians.

Instead, the employer believes the union is not making the necessary efforts to reach an agreement quickly.

“Now the union representing its workers must take action and take the steps they must take to reach a settlement.” Vice President Paul Beauchamp explained Olimel’s.

Valley-Junction Plant End?

Management is tightening the tone in this conflict and discussing the possibility of relocating the plant in Monterey to new facilities. The city mayor is very concerned by this statement from the employer party because it represents the 1,100 jobs at risk.

The management party wants the union to return to the negotiating table to accept the offer so as not to lose employees if the conflict continues.

On the union side, we believe it is Olimel’s strategy to reach an agreement by their standards.

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