June 28, 2022

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Public service in Quebec is still ongoing

Public service in Quebec is still ongoing

The size of the state keeps the swelling. In four years, the number of civil servants has increased by almost 12%.

Although Franకోois Legalt promised to wipe out the machine, the upward trend in the workforce of the public service was confirmed. Quebec had 55,243 civil servants in March 2020, up from 5,872 in 2016, according to a recent update from Consul du Trieser.

This data excludes general workers, students and interns, as well as health and education networks. It should also be noted that these figures reflect the public workforce situation before the epidemic.

Coming to power in the CAQ did not detract from the curve. Between 2019 and 2020 alone, the number of civil servants in departments and agencies increased by 3.1%.

“This increase is mainly due to the new programs announced by the government, especially to increase direct services to the public, reduce crime and punitive delays, implement immigration strategy, and enhance better support for children. Protection of rights and youth,” said a spokeswoman for the ministry, Mary-Ève Phillian. Requested.

“We are raising the bureaucracy”

But the Union of Public and the Parapublic of Quebec, Christian Digley, do not have the same reading about the situation.

The person representing the technicians, office workers and workers working for the state was of the opinion that most of the appointments were made in employment groups that did not provide services to the population.

He believes the data measured in “Full Time Equivalent (FTE)” speaks volumes. The increase in the regular workforce increased from 47,133 to 51,376 FTEs in four years, down from the number of technicians, office staff and workers last year.

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“We are going to reduce the bureaucracy to provide more services to the population,” Mr. Legalt said. “We are not there at all. [plus de postes dans] I am reducing my staff to senior management, hierarchical positions, and serving the population, ”said Christian Digley.

4,900 won at least $ 100,000

Also, for government employees, their annual salary symbolic bar has crossed $ 100,000, and much more. Nearly 4,900 civil servants are now being paid in six figures.

Good gender majority (59.3%) in public service. Despite everything, women are under-represented in decision-making positions. However, more and more of them, year after year, are entering senior management and executive positions.

Homogeneous Senior Civil Service

If the proportion of people of cultural classes in the general workforce increases slightly, it becomes clear that the senior civil service is still homogeneous.

Of the 753 mandarins in the state, only 29 are members of visible or ethnic minorities. The situation is similar among executives, who make up only 5.8% of cultural community representatives. This is still an improvement compared to previous years.

There are still very few tribals in government service, only in senior positions. Three natives held top government positions in March 2020.


During the election campaign, Franకోois Legalt pledged to reduce the size of the state by 5,000 seats through attrition. However, this goal is calculated for the entire public and parapublic service, which includes health and education networks (500,000 employees).

The CAQ is an undeniable promise. “The government is continuing to implement the optimization measure, which targets a 1% reduction or 5,000 employees over a 4% period,” Consul du Trieser assured.

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Number of officers

In the regular workforce (At the end of the financial year)

  • Mars 2016: 49 371
  • Mars 2017: 48 721
  • Mars 2018: 51 483
  • Mars 2019: 53 570
  • Mars 2020: 55 243

By gender (March 2020)

  • Men: 22 510 (40.7%)
  • Women: 32 733 (59.3%)

According to the treatment (March 2020)

  • 100 000 $ At $ 109,999: 1394
  • 110 000 $ At $ 119,999: 1123
  • $ 120,000 and more: 2329

According to the target group membership (March 2020)

  • Members of minorities Appearance and race: 12.3%
  • Anglophones: 1%
  • Domestic: 0.7%
  • People with disabilities: 1,4%

The workforce of the public service is divided between 19 Ministries And 66 companies

Source: Treasury Board Secretariat