July 7, 2022

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Sarah-Jean Labros, always moving through the “revolution”

Sarah-Jean Labros, always moving through the "revolution"

Sarah-Jean Labros agrees with producer Fair-Play and Quebaker Content decision to postpone the third season of “Revolution” for a year in the wake of the epidemic. “But not because I agreed I wasn’t in pain,” she said subtly.

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It was a happy, moving, muse / entertainer that resumed filming this summer after suffering patiently for over a year for the TVA dance competition. In 2020, at the height of the health crisis, when television crews struggled to figure out how to restart their productions, it was not the time to film large-scale dance numbers with conciliations, and the “revolutionary” forces did not want to distort or water down their concept.

A year later, “we don’t know the beast,” said Sarah-Jean. Variety sets of anti-covid relaxations granted by the government in recent months have also facilitated the construction of vaccines and it is now possible for dancers to spin in duets or in groups without risk. The audience was also in the studio during the recording.

Security measures will change “everything” as the Sarah-Jean Labros show manages, “but it will not show,” she said.

“The dance community has experienced the epidemic very hard,” the latter said. The studios were closed. Although there is no pandemic, it is already a difficult climate; You are always behind one another, you are often dependent on other artists. In Quebec, I like it a lot. The dancers are thirsty to come back, motivated, and it comes out of great business. “

Sarah-Jean confirmed that this third edition of the “revolution” will take us through all the emotions.

“You will fall in love, want to dance and discover a new dance style. The journeys that people have experienced this year have moved you. I, more often than not, have touched me the most. Then I cry when I see someone win. Make a number and pick it up … I could not overcome it! Lydia Bouchard, Jean-Marc Genarex and the twins formed a true bond.

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“People who don’t know each other and adore each other form a bond. The spirit in the ballroom that looks like a teenage dance fiction show, it’s magical to watch. I feel something surreal. They help each other, encourage each other, celebrate each other … I dream for society. The weather should be everywhere! ”

The fall is already very hot for Sarah-Jean Labros, who is already shooting the third season of “Revolution” until November, when she co-hosts Tele-Quebec’s “Soyri Mammoth” again in December, part of which will be “Bye Bye”. 2021 ”, again in a few weeks becomes one of the collaborators of“ Véronique et les Fantastiques ”in Rouge and will be on the series with her great friend Julianne Cote at ICI Tou. .TV at the beginning of 2022.

Beauty will also have her own podcast in mid-August on the Audible Platform (Audible.ca) project that excites her.

“It took me crazy to do that!” These are six episodes with my favorite subjects and guests. It will be fine from all sides. We’re going to talk about astrology and trees … “

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“Revolution” will take over the TVA channel on Sunday, September 19th.