March 21, 2023

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Vaccine | 77% of health care workers in Quebec received two doses

Vaccine |  77% of health care workers in Quebec received two doses

(Quebec) Health workers have been adequately vaccinated in 75% of the half administrative areas of Quebec.

Caroline Plante
Canadian Press

According to a recent compilation by the Ministry of Health, 77% of workers in public and private institutions across the province have received two doses of the vaccine against COVID-19.

But the numbers vary by region. Thus, only 68% of health care workers in Nunavik were adequately vaccinated, while 87% were in the Gaspace-Îles-de-la-Madeleine area.

The Quebec government aims to provide two doses of the vaccine to 75% of Quebecs aged 12 and over by August 31.

Areas with the lowest complete vaccination rates among health care workers are: Autouis (69%), Mauritius-Center-du-Quebec (71%), Estri (72%), ABTB (72%) and Laurence (72%).

These rates apply to employees of hospitals, CHSLDs, youth centers, CLSCs, and especially health network employees providing home care and rehabilitation centers.

Keep in mind that employees of the Health and Social Services Network have been covered by the Ministerial Order 2021-024 since April and their employer must provide proof of vaccination against Kovid-19.

Workers who have not been vaccinated for more than 14 days and who have refused to provide proof of vaccination should undergo repeated preventive check-ups three times a week.

Last May, the Liberal Opposition expressed concern about the lack of interest in vaccinating CHSLD employees.

“We want to make sure that the improvement in the vaccine is reflected in the most important areas, because we can never see the spread again,” said MP Mary Montpet.

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Vaccinations for health care workers began in December 2020.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Health said it was “satisfied” with the percentages, but we are continuing our actions […] That’s the maximum [de travailleurs de la santé] Adequate vaccinations.

“A number of local programs are being implemented in CISSS and CIUSSS to promote the vaccination of health workers,” said Marjorie Larouche, a public relations officer.

No education data

In addition, the Ministry of Health has confirmed that teachers and school staff have no data on the vaccine.

As the new school year approaches, and in the context of the fourth wave becoming more visible, many are wondering if schools will be safer places.

“After checking […], I confirm that we do not have these figures because employees do not need to inform their employers whether they are vaccinated or not “, M explained.To me By Larouche.