May 21, 2022

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Black Cubacois | Yves-Franకోois Blanchett was not in favor of the election, but said he was ready

Black Cubacois |  Yves-Franకోois Blanchett was not in favor of the election, but said he was ready

Yves-Franకోois Blanchett, leader of the (Mercier) Black Cubacois (BQ), is not in favor of calling a federal election this month because he believes it could unnecessarily endanger the health of citizens.

Stephanie Marin
Canadian Press

“This is a very irresponsible proving election,” he replied when asked about it on Tuesday afternoon in Mercier, while visiting the distillery there as part of his summer tour.

Elections mean more exposure among the public when a new mutation of the virus is transmitted and the pandemic is not fully controlled: “It increases the level of risk, it increases the level of risk.”

“Black Cubacos did not ask for elections, and Cubakers did not want elections,” the leader repeated.

For “purely personal” purposes, Justin Trudeau wants to compromise on the gains and progress we have made in the fight against the epidemic in Quebec.

He sees no reason for a general election in 2019, two years after the previous election.

Despite the pandemic, “Parliament works, and can work”: laws adopted during the pandemic with the help of one or another opposition party, continue the work of Judge M. Blanchett, who is confident that MPs will return, and finalize some legal action against Quebec, the reform of the Broadcasting Act and the future of Canada Excluding supply management from signed trade agreements.

But the black leader said he was not ignorant: like everyone else, he listened to election call rumors and stressed that the expansion of the Prime Minister’s financial statements in Quebec would support this theory.

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If this happens, he says, his political structure is ready: the leader is proud of the better economic conditions than in the last election and maintains that “thanks to the leadership of the Cubs” and the level of party preparation is “ideal”. ”

In early August, 40 candidates had already invested, while the rest were found “without any trouble”, the block leader responded by displaying more air than confidence. And if necessary, “We will turn the summer tour into an election tour”.

Currently, BQ holds 32 seats in Parliament, up from 78 in Quebec.

Canada Economic Stimulus Benefit (PCRE)

Earlier in the afternoon, the block leader visited the Belle de Coutou-du-Lock family farm in Monterey.

He, like others in Quebec, discussed the actual labor shortage in the area, he argued. Mr. Blanchett believes that a reflection on the Canadian Economic Recovery Benefit (PCRE) is needed – it replaces the PCU (Canadian Emergency Benefit) – and it could probably be discontinued.

“All economic circles” are facing labor shortages and called for an end to this workers’ assistance program, he said in the middle of your own flower fields of the farm.

He decides what to do if he is not yet ready to “cut with the knife”, “that the government must take a serious reflection on the potential for harm to the program that needs to be further adjusted.”

He said the shortage of workers before the epidemic was real and it could be even more acute.

We should not throw stones at young people, he warned: “They are at work. This myth must be broken. ”

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He does not justify the immediate abolition of the PCR, as it is likely to be 4E COVID-19 Wave Hits: He is thinking of stopping the program from being reactivated if needed to help citizens overcome it.

And as many expected, if an election is called this month, the block leader will submit a proposal to modulate the PCRE.