December 4, 2022

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Cuomo did not elect Democrats

Cuomo did not elect Democrats

I have been interested in the twists and turns of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for some time. If in March I was worried about American media treatment that didn’t seem neutral or that important – what about Chris Cuomo, Encouraging his brother on CNN? – I pointed out in February that the governor could face an impeachment process.

State Attorney General Letitia James’ report on Tuesday was damning, and Cuomo’s situation was simply not acceptable. Like Joe Biden, those who were reluctant to ask him to resign have now taken this step.

Cuomo, he was looking for it, was now alone in his corner. The very weak argument he tried to sell to voters yesterday did not measure up to the gravity and scope of the facts contained in the investigation report. I am filing this report Here.

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The governor can no longer present himself as a ‘local’ politician, a man of another generation, struggling to find new ways to show affection or admiration for his team members or state officials.

The work environment filmed around Cuomo is toxic, and many of them lament about a mixture of bullying, abuse of power, harassment or unwanted sexual contact. Regardless of the governor’s age or political background, slipping an arm under a subordinate blouse to tie locks is not always an acceptable method. Looks like a bad scene taken directly from the American series instead Mad men.

Cuomo, already known for his irritating and tough character, has no shortage of political enemies, both Democrats and Republicans, who are now content to watch his downfall. You can easily imagine that if a friend, even a friend like President Biden, asked for his departure, there would be no trouble for others to take advantage of the situation.

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However, what bothers me a little is that Attorney General James is also among the successful candidates among those hoping for a fourth time next year. The American system sometimes provides us with these files showing a mix of styles that make it possible to doubt the potential of a democratic game.

Anyway, Andrew Cuomo was alone And I see some options other than his resignation. At the maximum, he can try to complete his command, which stretches the already elastic limit. Polls are not clear: what he did was not acceptable.

Already in serious thought, the governor did not know that we were working on official allegations towards the state capital, Albany, or that the legislature was awaiting the removal of members from both political parties.

The Democratic Party, for good reason, presents itself as a nightmare of harassment and victimization. We have not failed to raise many allegations and accusations against Donald Trump. The Cuomo case has become a real drag and there is no question of a double standard in his case. Cumo should go and the Democrats insist it should happen sooner rather than later.