July 6, 2022

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Didier Roult created a new controversy – the La Nouvel Tribune

Prosecution testimony was given by its employees - the La Novelle Tribune

After the former President of America Donald Trump, Professor who proposed to use bleach to fight coronavirus Didier Roult Their name was mentioned more than once during this epidemic, raising new controversy with new questions. In the video on YouTube, DirectorIHU Of Marseille They were shocked about the possibility of putting some products in the nose, such as petroleum jelly, to protect against Kovid-19. The proposal came after Professor Hydroxychloroquine repeatedly stated its merits for the treatment of Kovid-19.

« The number of molecules that have accumulated, has activity against this virus, which has no cost and is harmless. What are we waiting for to test them? », Asked the infectious disease specialist before wondering « Paraffin [un produit extrait des résidus solides du pétrole] In the nose, do the petroleum jelly in some products prevent contamination by the wicks we have, the virus in the nose? Anyone know? He asks again.

“Do not apply the product to the nostrils”

However, the American company Wicks Who make VapoRub It is quick to warn against certain uses of the product. « VapoRub should be applied only to muscles and joints for chest and throat and muscle aches for relief from cough. It should not be used under the nose or in the mouth or inside. Oil-based product abuse can enter the lungs “, Warned the company. In addition, on the product instructions, it is clearly stated“Do not apply the product to nostrils, eyes, mouth or face .

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