June 6, 2023

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There are no playoffs for Invictus Gaming

There are no playoffs for Invictus Gaming

After losing to Team WE last Sunday after the 8th week of competition, Invictus Gaming failed to qualify for the LPL Summer Split Playoffs for the first time since the 2014 season.

End of test for Invictus Gaming

The LPL League’s summer split entered the ninth and final week of the championship yesterday morning, with final week competitions determining the names of the last teams to qualify for the playoffs, as well as the final seeding for this playoffs tree. As Bilibili Gaming eligibility was confirmed until yesterday after the win over Ultra Prime, only the last slot to play between the TOP Sports and JD Gaming teams remains. Above the general classification, Edward Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix, the first two teams to confirm their partnership for the summer season playoffs are now guaranteed to finish the regular season in at least the top 4, thus for the 3rd round of the BYE shaft; If they stay in the top 2, they will be able to qualify directly for round 4 of the tournament.

Some people are happy that some teams will not be able to play in the playoffs of the summer split, especially Team Invictus Gaming. This is the first time in 7 years, after 2014, that the team has failed to qualify for the LPL League playoffs. This iconic team and one of the most legendary in the Chinese scene, won the 2018 Worlds League of Legends, especially having the most critical summer season in terms of workforce. Due to COVID-19 health measures, Team TopLaner TheShy did not return to his teammates to launch the Summer Split; The team lost a few games in the absence of TheShy, and on their return they were unable to raise enough height despite their victories. The rebellion was granted on Sunday morning after BO3 against Team WE; The killer men were clear and the final score was 2-0. With this new defeat, from the 9th day of the season, the IGs lost the opportunity to qualify for the playoffs in mathematics and therefore had no chance to reach the worlds.

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The last time Invictus Gaming failed to qualify for the LPL Playoffs in the 2014 season Summer SPlit; The team, which at the time consisted of Yongsoo, Do, illuSioN, Zz1tai, Kid and Kitties, finished 6th in the regular season. A few weeks later, this poor performance led to a major change in team composition, especially with the appointment of Rookie, Mafa and Poohmond as coaches in the jungle Cacao, Midlane. Over the next two years, IG was able to return to the playoffs, but failed to deliver significant results. The 2018 season was the year consecrated for Invictus Gaming; The Duke, The Shy, Ning, Rookie, Jakilov and Bowlan line-up dominated the Chinese scene a bit, unfortunately without winning the LPL Champion title, finishing the Spring and Summer Split regular seasons in first place overall, but with a 3-0 win over Fenatics off 2018 The team won the World Champion title by winning.

The following season, Invictus Gaming continued its dominance in the Chinese scene, winning the Spring Split and reaching the semi-finals of the 2019 World Championships, losing to the sister team that won the tournament. Days later, FunPlus Phoenix. The 2020 season was only a reflection of the previous season’s, with that difference that Invictus Gaming could not grow as a dominant team again, being eliminated very quickly in the first rounds of the playoffs. With this important performance team in danger of ending a cycle this Summer Split 2021, the structure is losing ground in several seasons. Some iconic players of this formation, such as Rookie under contract from 2014 or The Shee under contract from 2017, may have the opportunity to initiate career change, which will make the team dependent on new players.

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Invictus Gaming has two more games to play in this summer split, the first with Rare Atom (Thursday, August 5) and the second with ThunderTalk Gaming (Saturday, August 7).