May 24, 2022

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Video | Meghan Markle is a small effort in her life for her 40th birthday

Video |  Meghan Markle is a small effort in her life for her 40th birthday

Meghan Markle decided to celebrate Thursday in her quarantine by uploading a video in the company of actress Melissa McCarthy to promote a new initiative.

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From her luxurious residence in Montecito, California, the former actress and Prince Harry’s wife invites 40 friends to help women return to work to mentor for 40 minutes.

The video, posted on the Instagram account and the website of his charity Archival, shows many aspects of the royal couple’s American life.

At the beginning of the interview, Meghan Markle next to the computer, we can see some frames with family photos. Although they were not in sight, we spotted small arches in the larger ones.

In the video a little later, you can see her dog, a beagle, sleeping peacefully behind her on her pillow.

Prince Harry also wanted to be there. He appears in a guest role, in which he demonstrates his juggling skills.

Many public figures have already indicated that they will take part in the challenge initiated by Meghan Markle.

They include Singer Adele and Sophie Gregor Trudeau, the wife of the Prime Minister of Canada.

Despite tensions in the royal family, Prince William, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles still took the time to wish Meghan Markle a 40th birthday.

Screen shot / Instagram / dukeandduchessofcambridge

They all made their desires one Story On their Instagram account.

Screenshot / Instagram / Therol Family