July 5, 2022

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Coronavirus – Moderna recommends a third dose before winter

Moderna a également déclaré qu’elle travaillait sur un vaccin qui fournirait un rappel annuel contre le Covid-19.


As the Delta variant grew, the American company recommended a new vaccine booster.

Moderna says it is working on a vaccine that provides an annual booster against Kovid-19.


U.S. manufacturer Moderna estimated Thursday that people who received the two-dose Kovid vaccine also needed a booster to withstand the winter. “We believe that the risk of infection with the Delta variant, the relaxation of the covid immune system and the seasonal effects (if spent more time at home) will increase the number of infections among those who are vaccinated,” the company said Thursday. Investor showcase on its website.

According to various US media outlets, the company is working on a vaccine that provides an annual booster against Kovid-19 and influenza and RSV, the human respiratory syncytial virus. Modernna reports that initial tests showed that its booster candidate was effective against Kovid’s variants, including Delta.

As a reminder, France, Germany and Israel have already announced their decision to give a third dose to the most vulnerable to fight this new variant.

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