July 3, 2022

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CEGEPs and Universities: No mask or distance in classrooms

CEGEPs and Universities: No mask or distance in classrooms

Cégépiens and university students begin the school year on school benches, without physical distance. The mask is not mandatory when students are sitting in the classroom.

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The Legalt government on Friday announced re-entry “in presence” at CEGEPs and universities in Quebec. Students do not have to keep a distance from each other.

“In all classrooms of higher education institutions, the limits of physical distance between students no longer apply,” a press release said.

However, a distance of two meters is required in training rooms, between tables in food courts and for some activities such as singing songs. Officials recommend maintaining a one-meter physical distance “ideal” between students in normal areas.

Children do not need to cover their face while sitting in class, in the library or during lunch. “But in any other situation it is mandatory,” we state.

Be careful, however, the mask is mandatory in institutions with high epidemiological risk, i.e. when student vaccination coverage is inadequate or the area is in a state of concern.

As of August 5, 2021, 83.2% of college students had received at least one first vaccine and 57.8% had received two doses. At the university level, 86.6% of student body members received at least one dose of the vaccine and 68.5% received two doses.

Extracurricular vaccination passport?

Extracurricular and sporting activities are allowed in all educational institutions, but the government stipulates that in these cases a vaccination passport may apply, allowing only vaccinated students to participate.

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