May 22, 2022

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In the Robin des Boise forest, protests against the control of nature

In the Robin des Boise forest, protests against the control of nature

According to legend, Robin Hood once stole from the rich and wandered there to give to the poor. These days, visitors to the Sherwood Forest in central England regularly visit naturalists until they outnumber some.

Many tourists come to these forests every year to admire some of the oldest oak trees in Europe and to experience the adventurous atmosphere of Robin Hood, the sheriff hunting in a medieval play.

The place was also popular with naturalists, which Robert Robinson did not like, and launched an online petition asking the authorities to intervene.

“Recently, nudists sometimes walk in groups of 12 people,” said this local resident in the text of the petition, “since he met a man naked in the bushes his wife has stopped jogging in the woods.

He complained about the signs that greet naturalists by asking them to dress when they get back to their vehicle.

“There is no need to wander around naked. Clothes will not prevent you from admiring the forest,” he stormed.

“Since June 2020, there have been many naked men, which is frightening,” the petitioner acknowledged on the page.

On the Forest page on the TripAdvisor travel advice site‌, another visitor complained last May that Dave was roaming around in groups of “uncontrolled nudists”.

These allegations embarrassed the authorities. It is legal in England to be naked in public as long as the behavior is not considered offensive or dangerous.

When asked by the AFP, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, which maintains the site, explained that naturalists have been frequent visitors to these sites for “decades” and that their presence is “tolerable and legal” on the condition that they adopt a particular behavior.

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The company states that the incident denied in the petition has not been reported to it and that it recommends contacting the police to report such situations.