June 29, 2022

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Pfizer: Rare bell polio cases after vaccination

Pfizer: Rare bell polio cases after vaccination

Very rare cases of Bell’s paralysis have been reported after injection of the Pfizer-Bioentech Kovid-19 vaccine into a small number of individuals in Canada and abroad.

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Bell’s paralysis is an episode of muscle weakness or paralysis of the face, usually temporary. Symptoms appear suddenly and subside after a few weeks. The exact cause is unknown, but may be the result of inflammation and swelling of the nerves that control the muscles on one side of the face.

Symptoms include poor coordination of the muscles that control facial expressions, loss of facial sensitivity, headache, tearing, excessive salivation, loss of taste, hypersensitivity to sound on the face, and inability to close one of the two eyes.

“Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine label already contains information on cases reported for Bell’s paralysis after vaccination, and the Department continues to assess the issue for all licensed COVID-19 vaccines in Canada.” Health Canada said in a statement on Friday.

The Federal Body wants to reassure the population and state that these cases are “very rare.”

“The Kovid-19 vaccine continues to be safe and effective in protecting against Kovid – 19. The benefits of the COVID – 19 vaccine always outweigh the harm they cause because there is scientific evidence that they reduce COVID – 19 mortality and hospitalization,” Health Canada said.