November 27, 2022

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Tokyo Games: Better harvest than Rio for Canada

Tokyo Games: Better harvest than Rio for Canada

Watching her pass the bronze medal in the 500m at the end of the two-seater canoe event on Friday evening (Quebec time), Quebecist Lawrence Vincent Lapoint and her partner Katie Vincent won the 23rd Canadian charm at the Tokyo Games, surpassing the 22 purchased in Rio in 2016.

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This is the second highest total of Canadian medals in a single edition of the Summer Olympics.

Of these 23 medals, six were gold, 11 were silver and 11 were bronze. This is only the fifth time in history that a maple leaf has crossed the 20 medal mark in the summer games. In addition to Rio and Tokyo, Canada performed in Beijing (20), in 2008, in Atlanta (22), in 1996, and in Los Angeles (44), in 1984.

  • Listen to an interview with Vincent Dessault on QUB Radio with Soccer Quebec President Pierre Marchand:

However, it should be noted that none of the Eastern Alliance countries, including the Soviet Union, competed in Los Angeles.

Tokyo Games: Better harvest than Rio for Canada

When it comes to the gold medal crop, Canada also solidified its mark at the Summer Games in Los Angeles. It was very difficult to break that record in Tokyo. In 2016, in Rio, the Canadian delegation was limited to four gold medals.

On Friday morning (Quebec time), runner Mohamed Ahmed presented his 20th medal to a maple leaf in Japan. Ontario did this by winning silver in the 5,000m event. A few hours after the harvest, Andre de Grosse and his teammates allowed Canada to win the bronze medal in the 4 x 100m relay.

Then, the Canadian women’s soccer squad defeated Sweden in the grand final and covered themselves with gold for the first time in their history. The medal coincided with the achievement of the country’s athletes in Brazil five years ago.