July 6, 2022

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Vaccine Passport: “We have seen enough people suffer and die,” pleaded Dr. Simon.

Vaccine Passport: "We have seen enough people suffer and die," pleaded Dr. Simon.

Vaccines continue to be proven everywhere to reduce the COVID-19 pandemic. After announcing the vaccination passport, governments may select a mandatory vaccine for certain clients. While at LCN, Dr. Matthew Simon recalled the benefits of the vaccine.

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“I’m very biased, but I’m 100% acceptable in health and elsewhere because it’s a safe and vaccine that protects us from social and medical disaster,” explained the head of the institute’s intensive care unit at the University de Cardiology and de Numology de Quebec.

All doctors are vaccinated, but some health professionals are slow to receive their first dose of vaccine.

“I respect everyone’s choice even if I don’t understand it,” Dr. Simon said.

For him, the choice is simple, because every member of the health care community must undergo intensive screening at every shift to protect the most vulnerable patients.

“Honestly, between two noses every day and one swab in the nose, I think the choice is very easy,” he said.

Good idea?

Asked about the mandatory vaccine, the doctor was not convinced. Instead, he prefers the vaccine passport option, giving gifts to people who choose this option instead.

“I think there are consequences to understanding people who do not want to be vaccinated and these consequences are that the system decides to protect them with a vaccine passport (…) I believe this is a good way to convince people,” said Dr Matthew Simon.

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One thing is clear, according to him, the vaccine is not only helping the health system, it is also crucial to overcoming this epidemic.

“We have seen enough people suffer and die to tell themselves that this is true and that the vaccine is less bad,” testified the head of the intensive care unit of the University Institute of Cardiology and Pulmonology of Quebec.