March 30, 2023

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Second candidate for mayor in Lewis

Second candidate for mayor in Lewis

Gilles Lehoulier will have at least one opponent in the next municipal election. Rethink Lewis opposes the candidate from economic and community circles.

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After Dominic Vian decided not to stand as a candidate, the political party gave Elhadzi Mamadou Diara the post of leader. Newspaper.

Mr. Diara, 48, is a business strategy consultant at Desjardines. For eight years, he chaired the board of directors of the immigrant family support organization Le Tremplin.

A father of two boys aged 10 and 17 and originally from Senegal, he immigrated to Quebec 26 years ago and lived in Lewis for ten years.

“This is the first time there has been a black candidate for mayor,” said Monica Budett, director of Communications Lewis Communications.


Lacking political experience, the new leader said he had decided to run for councilor first in the “Notre-Dame district” to “go there with a small step theory”.

M WithdrawalTo me However, Vienne rushed things. Reithink Lewis said he saw a “natural leader” in him, but the main interested party claimed to have been bitten by meeting citizens in recent months.

“I want a city where people seem to be listening, we’re going to meet people and we’ve been close to them, with a strong sense of belonging to this city that I love the most,” Mr Diara confirmed in an interview.

However, he faces a well-established machine, and in 2017, Mr. Lehoulier overthrew his only rival, the independent Andre Voir, by garnering 92% of the vote.

“I’m not alone, I do not like to be alone, I have a team around me, experienced people,” Mr. Diara replied, whose party hopes to submit a candidate in all districts.

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With the City Council currently dominated by the Lewis Force 10 party, “on a democratic level, something is missing in the city”, the candidate also thinks.

Third link

Among other things, the amateur mayor of Iring declared himself in favor of the third link.

“You have to go there. In its current form? Maybe there should be some improvements,” he suggests, not wanting to oppose economic development and the environment.

Yet, according to him, there is “little focus” on real estate development in Lewis. With a master’s degree in finance, he wants to increase support for community organizations and monitor debt growth.

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