May 19, 2022

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The average age of hospitalized patients in intensive care is reduced to 59 years


The patients admitted to the hospital were also young, with an average age of 57. 85% of them had not been fully vaccinated.

For This is the fourth wave, Patients are mostly young, in the grip of the fourth wave pushed by the meteor spread, note all resuscitations. Variant Delta. «We currently have a 40-year-old woman in intensive care», Dr. Ferhat condemned Mejiani with Le Figaro last week, Head of Department at New Civil Hospital (NHC). “We took a 33-year-old man without co-morbidities», Notes Professor Mark Leon, Revival at Marseille University Hospital. More and more doctors are worrying young people. “The waves follow each other but our patients are small, Adds Professor Erica Parmentier, who revives in Lille. It is very difficult to think that these patients should not die.»

Unlike the first wave of the average age of patients admitted to the hospital 68 years, Then 72 during the secondAccording to, it is now 57 Latest report from Public Health France. In critical care, age also dropped well. If during the previous waves it was between 63 and 70, most old people did not enter there often, it has dropped to 59 today.

Evolution of age among intensive care patients – August 5, 2021 Public Health France

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High incidence rate and no vaccinations

How can we explain that young people are sicker than the previous waves? First, the virus is more prevalent in this class of population, being more mobile and sometimes less attentive to barrier gestures. With an occurrence rate of 1,000 new pollutants per 100,000 inhabitants In some areas, They are more polluted than the rest of the population. “They were told for a year that they were not afraid of anything and were not at risk of developing severe forms.», Explained by Professor Alexander Bleibtru, Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases in Pitié-Salpêtrière (Paris).

Event Rate by Age – August 6, 2021 Kovid Tracker

«This is a purely structural effect, Analyzed by epidemiologist Henry Lellu. Young people are less likely to go to intensive care than older people, but they are less likely to be vaccinated, and vaccines primarily protect against the risk of developing severe forms.“In fact, if you look at the vaccination rate, under the age of 50 they are almost half vaccinated than their adults.

Proportion of French population vaccinated by age group – August 6, 2021 Kovid tracker

However, people over the age of 70 are not completely protected by the fourth wave. Look at the four curves below, the incidence rate, hospitalization and admission to critical care, all representing the evolution of three ages (20-39 years, 40-69 years and> 70 years).

Age, incidence by August 5, 2021, change in hospitalization and critical care admission rates Public Health France

«That is not to say that the delta variant causes more severe forms, especially in young people.», Mircia Sofonia, Lecturer in Epidemiology at the University of Montpellier. If this hypothesis is rejected by scientists today, “However, it would take many months for the alpha variant to establish a real study organization that would allow them to find out what is going on.», Warned the epidemiologist Our paper is dedicated to the extreme forms of childhood.

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