May 20, 2022

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“They stole my games” – Hugo Barrett

"They stole my games" - Hugo Barrett

Successful in his first event‌, the track cyclist was pleasantly surprised to see the judges decide to restart the race due to the fall.

“My games were stolen from me,” Barrett said at the beginning of an interview after his test. It disgusted me. I have suffered many falls and serious injuries in my career, but there is nothing that bothers me more than what just happened. It is much harder to get back on my feet than after a big injury. “

“It was the most frustrating moment of my career and I felt it was unfair to continue to be a cyclist on the Alice-de-La-Madeleine track. It’s hard to get rid of this feeling. “

Total misunderstanding

Barrett did not understand the judges’ decision and rejected the explanations he gave. “If there is no runner on the track, re-starting the race will never happen in Kerin,” he explained. This is utterly ridiculous and does not make sense as a decision. I was told there was debris on the runway. This is wrong as we can see on the video cover. There is no reason to stop the race. If I were part of a big cycling country, such a decision would not have happened. ”

Barrett gave the performance he wanted to go on to the next show before the judges decided to re-start everything. “I’ve been training for five years now and I’m ready, but I was robbed of a decision that didn’t make sense to the judges,” he said. I had a very good race, a perfect race. “

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When the art resumed, Barrett collided with a British rider. “He didn’t have much space to pass and he came to fix me,” he said. If he had been fined for his gesture, I could not have won more, but the decision would have been fair. A rider from the Netherlands was eliminated in the series and his tournament was over. This is another questionable decision. “

Barrett then went through the recharge, but the fall in the previous race left its mark. “I thought it was okay, but in the middle of the attempt it was very difficult for me to breathe. I let myself in until the end. My rib was broken. It was not that big of a pain and the doctor told me there was nothing I could do. It fixes things for a long time. When I wake up I find out more and I can see the damage. “

The good news

Barrett, frustrated with what he had just passed, was able to partially console himself on the day his girlfriend Kelsey Mitchell reached the semi-finals in the sprint. In the quarterfinals, Kirin was her friend, teammate and bronze medalist in the Laurent genius.

“It was a small bandage on my wounds,” he explained. I tried to be positive around her. Kelsey is currently on fire and she looks great to face Germany in the semi-finals. We don’t like two friends clashing with each other, but we put the friendship aside for a few minutes. It was a great competition between Kelsey and Lorion. “